The Unbroken Blade #32 (Zem)

She had problems? Like the Kai-cursed girl-raping death-worshipping barbarian was one to talk! Crazy chasit! “Ardis will kill you! He’ll, he won’t stand for this…” Daymo’s whining grated on her ears, distracting her again from the thoughts whirling in her head. She decided she’d had enough of it. She punched him in the gut so … Continue reading The Unbroken Blade #32 (Zem)

The Unbroken Blade #31 (Orlin)

“It is a satellite?” “My team analyzed the overhead images the asset provided, your Majesty,” HarMakeg said. “They came from something at least four-hundred kilometers above the surface.” Orlin got up from his chair and looked at the sky through the East windows. Lor was low, but still above the horizon in the West, so … Continue reading The Unbroken Blade #31 (Orlin)

The Unbroken Blade #30.5

Without airpower and artillery, the ability to strike behind enemy lines at any time disappeared. This brought siege warfare back to the forefront. While direct fire weapons have advanced in their destructive potential since the times when every major city was walled, there is still little that can quickly break through a concrete wall reinforced … Continue reading The Unbroken Blade #30.5