Epic Mantis!

I was out working with the chickens one day when I saw a full grown praying mantis perched on one of the shelters.  The sun looked to be about the right angle so I decided to give the big guy a full photo shoot.  It was very patient in posing for me.

I’ll start with this shot for context:P1120307

You can see the chicken shelter underneath it.  After taking that shot I moved on to the creative ones with the mantis silhouetted.

P1120267 P1120268 P1120290


I love how things look in dramatic lighting.  It’s amazing how grand and purposeful such a tiny creature can appear when it’s paired up with a glorious sky.  It speaks to me of Jesus’ care for the smallest details in His creation.

Despite all that, this last photo, taken in less dramatic lighting, is my actual favorite:

Praying Mantis

I love the angle of the head.  “Hey!  What are you looking at, human?”

So, two questions to anyone dropping by: Which is your favorite? Also, should I continue to post sets or just one or two photos at a time?


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