Born to Die


So, I was out feeding the pigs the other night when I looked up and spotted this guy (or maybe girl, but probably a male judging by those huge antennae) hanging out in the branches above me. It’s a luna moth, made popular by it’s jaunt as the mascot for Lunesta (the crazy sleepwalking drug). At the time we see them, they have less than a week to live and are looking for a mate. They don’t even have mouths. Weird.

But they sure are beautiful.


If you look in the upper left, you’ll see where I picked the moth out with a flashlight.


Here is an underside shot.


And here is a slightly flatter back view.

I also have a few shots from a previous encounter with a luna moth so you can get a better idea what they look like.



Always a treat to find one of these (and I actually saw two on the night I found that one in the tree).


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