For the love of English

I love English. Not just like, LOVE. Or maybe worship. At the very least, my respect for it is high in awe factor, but with enough good natured familiarity to know the flaws. My favorite thing about English is probably that it’s motto starts something like, “One language to devour them all…” English is the …

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Time for another pretty thing. This is Limenitis Archippus, also known as the Viceroy (It looks a lot like the Monarch, but it is not one). This particular one had a broken wing, but still gave me some really good poses in the afternoon sun.


Light is not fun. It is not a dilettante. It is a witness, a revealer of reality, touching all things that stand in it faster than thought and mapping their contours for all to see. A little gives warmth, penetrating bone deep. A lot can burn, reducing anything to ashes. Diffuse it drives out the …

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