Get Back Up

Another night of not knowing what to say.

I hope not every night is like this.

Does the page ever become a friend?

A blank space for joyous creation,

and not a terrifying emptiness ready to receive my failure?


Do not despise the days of small things.

I do not know how any of this goes,

but it does,

and the end will be far better than the beginning.

However it looks from right here.


It’s a promise.


Up. Up.

Back on the horse.

Though the righteous man falls seven times,

he rises again!


Even when you make a complete and total hash of it,

Jesus will still pick you back up.

Learning that is half the reason He lets you fall down.

The other half is so you stop thinking you’re all that.

And know that He IS.


I’m talking to me, not you.

Pay the crazy person no mind.


Anyway, you,

yes you,

people who think that they’re all that,

but secretly fear that they aren’t,

can’t risk a blank page.

But people who know,

and don’t care,

that they’re nothing,


If they know that they’re loved.


I am loved.


With a deep,

and abiding,

and a passionate love,

that braved all of death,

and that knelt from above,

that served and that saved,

that struggled and strove,

that lives and that laughs,


never ends.


He will do this.


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