Finding the Kingdom

(This is another poem about the short mission trip I went on. For a week we helped a children’s ministry up in NYC. The rest should explain itself. I hope you enjoy it.)

Why did we go to New York?

To seek the Kingdom of God.

Did we find it?

You tell me.

We found a messy library,

and a pile of unfiled books,

and we filed them in order.

We found an empty canvas,

several empty canvases,

in need of filling,

and we filled them.

We found a bunch of disobedient children who wore us to the bones




with their rudeness and their distraction and their need,

and we loved them.

We found that we had no strength,

and yet that each day we had enough strength,

to do what needed to be done,

and it got done.

Is that the Kingdom of God,

going out into an unknown wilderness to share the contents of an empty cup,

weeping because our belly hurts and we don’t know how we will fill it,

and coming home rejoicing because somehow there was water each time we tipped the rim for another,

and someone has set our table with a feast in our absence?

If it is then I don’t know why I should be worthy of such a wonder,

or such a blessing,

or why the Master should countenance me to sit at this table and eat this food,

while He washes my feet.


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