I was born a slave,

a servant to self,

another in a long line of men,

all chained and bound,

by the ways inherited from a long forgotten forefather,

who pawned ignorant good

for knowing evil.

Of course,

I did not know it,

or did I?

and for years I listened to our priests and prophets,

the ministers of self,

who say,

“follow your heart,”

and sought to live by the twisted paths that lay inside,

finding more each day

that the way they gave

always lead to

“not enough”

but never realizing why my tongue was so dry.

And so,

thirsty unto despair,

I did what they say to those who don’t know

how to live,

or look like they do,

and turned within,

to seek the wisdom they told me lay

at the center of my cold core,

too deep to be discerned

by one with outward care.

Thus I wasted away,

all things neglected as I sought the true me

in the tangled mazes of my heart,

and there I discovered the truth,

that Theseus knew well…

At the heart of the labyrinth lies a monster

whose will is to devour you.

(The above poem is a partial response to “Darkness” by Alice Reichert. Find her poem at: )


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