Leading Horses

My life began after I gave up,

when I lay broken in silence,

at last too tired to speak

and finally willing to hear.

I wonder if it had to hurt as much as it did,

both the first time,

and the repeat performance,

but it takes a lot to make a stubborn heart

willing to be lead.

A simple truth.

You’ve heard that you can lead a horse to water

but you can’t make him drink,


Well, you can make him drink,

but that won’t solve the problem

of a horse that doesn’t know what water is.

Or thirst.

Perhaps he just thinks the water is poisoned.

Who knows.

Sometimes it is.

Maybe he’s tired of poisoned water,

and muddy ponds that clog his mouth



contain crocodiles.

I know this horse was.


I’m still slow to recognize good water when I see it.


I know a crystal stream,

THE crystal stream,

where the water flows clear every day

and the crocodiles are kept well at bay

and the trees dig their roots

as they spread and sway.

Come and see it.

Let it lead you


(This rambling poem is also a response to Darkness by Alice Reichert. Find it at: https://wingsonravens.wordpress.com/2015/08/20/darkness/ )


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