The Monster

I have looked into the eyes of the monster in the middle of the maze

and known that I am he,

been consumed by the ravening rage,

the hate and pain,

the hunger,

oh the endless hunger,

and given in,

known that I was,

and already was,


I have watched a life controlled by him,

by the shadow inside,

by pride,

by the will of the wolf that counts other lives as prey,

and himself as more important than all.

Watched it spiral,

up and down in a flurry of self destruction

only perceived as strength

when one is strong enough to destroy

or deceive


And thus I reached the point where I died,

or finally believed that I was already dead,

and became new.

I would not go back there,

whether to the honest evil,

or the fakery and banality of civilization,

for all the gold in the sea,

or all the flesh on the land.

I know now that neither could ever satisfy me,

though I might be deceived to think so again,

as I am certainly that weak,

save that one stands as my strength,

and leads me to better lands,

where the hunger at the heart of man,

matched by no animal you might mention,

will be satisfied forever by His hand.

(This poem written as a response to Beast, by Rajkiran91. Find it here:


2 thoughts on “The Monster

  1. rajkiran91

    Lol your God is the heart of darkness. For is he not the Alpha and the Omega. Dark and Light is his. And so he is responsible for evil and good.

    1. First, Alpha and Omega is the beginning and the end, not light and dark, and the end of things is that there IS no dark. The truth will be entirely revealed and evil will be punished fully, either in hell, or in the person of Christ, thus restoring the balance of justice.

      Second, allowing evil in His creation does not make God responsible for it in the way that a doer of evil is responsible for it, if He fully punishes it appropriately, so that there is no one who does not receive justice in the end. I can explain this, but the only way I come close to understanding it is from the perspective of a novelist, who can write a book filled with evil characters, yet that affirms good by the time it concludes. Of course, I’m still confused most of the time. I’m trying to explain a mystery with an inadequate metaphor. God’s absolute power over His creation and the responsibility of Man for evil actions are both true at the same time, and some how are not mutually exclusive truths.

      Lastly, the character of God is seen most clearly in what He does for those who hate Him. He offers to take the punishment for the evil deeds of His enemies on Himself, in the person of Jesus Christ, if they will come to Him and surrender. That is love and mercy which goes beyond bare minimum justice without ever denying justice. The Debts ARE paid at the Cross.

      I could go on for hours and pages. Even beginning to chip at the mystery of a perfectly good, all-powerful God and the existence of evil, is a matter for whole books. The short of it is simply that unpunished evil is a temporary thing, and somehow what man, or the Devil, intends for evil, God intends for good, whether to use evil to punish other evil, or to use evil to test and perfect His people.

      And, as I said, most days it still baffles me.

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