Firedrake Redeemed thoughts and warnings

I am about to release chapter 8 of Firedrake Redeemed. With this chapter, the story moves into very dark territory. I have tried to handle the material as delicately as I can, without departing from the requirement to “show, don’t tell”, but judging what is offensive to people, and what is showing too much (or better, how artfully little I can show of some things and still accomplish my purpose) probably requires reader feedback. I think most people will know what I’m talking about when you get there.

On another, much lighter, note I am trying to figure out what to give Jennifer, pardon me, Guenievre, Kozietulski’s name as. Originally her name was Jennifer, but when I started deepening my portrayal of her as a native-French speaking street rat I realized that Jennifer is not a French name and went looking for the French version of it. When I found out that Jennifer is actually a modern anglicization of Guenivere, as in King Arthur’s wife, I had to go for a version which showed that. Guenievre is the actual French form of Jennifer, so I started writing it as Guenievre being her official name but Jennifer being what everyone calls her. That just got confusing however, and didn’t seem quite right, so I have tried several things and finally settled on Guenievre as her full name with Gwen as her short, narrator’s name.

Please tell me if it looks all right to you, dear reader, as it still feels totally weird to me. Like having a close friend suddenly insist on being called by a different name.

Anyway, I hope y’all enjoy the new chapter. Feedback much appreciated as always.


One thought on “Firedrake Redeemed thoughts and warnings

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