Falling Into the Black Writer’s Thoughts

So, a bunch of people seemed to like my little one page snippet, Reunion. Perhaps more importantly, really like it and the world it is opening up, so I decided to extend it all the way to a running serial named Falling Into the Black, now counting two chapters.  I hope to keep updating it every now an then as I get the inspiration to write another chapter.

For those who are interested in knowing more about Falling Into the Black and where it came from, here are my thoughts on the world of the story itself and why I made it:

The world it is in is known as the Ring, and the main government is the Arillain Legarchy (functionally a republic). Various elements will seem quite familiar to anyone who has spent much time with Star Wars, and this is on purpose. This story, and the Arillain Legarchy, is intended to serve as a considered, loving, exciting response to all the religious and philosophical ideas ever brought up in the movies, KOTOR, KOTOR II, Rogue Squadron, or the Thrawn Series, that I have ever wanted to respond to. I don’t do fanfiction, and the responses I would write wouldn’t fit in the Star Wars universe anyway, so this is my best effort at coming up with a place and a means.

That said, the Arillain Legarchy stories are also their own thing, and the more I work at them, trying to figure out who the characters are, where they come from, what the government is like, how the history went, what technology they have, etc etc etc and a thousand more questions etc… the more it comes alive and becomes its own thing. As a side note, while I am trying to flesh out the technology to the enth degree in my own mind, I am going to try hard to not explain much of the tech, contrary to how I have usually written sci-fi in the past (check Firedrake Redeemed. I try to keep the infodumping light and entertaining, but it’s there. Darn you Sci Fi and your worldbuilding requirements!).

Still, however much this story is seeming to come alive, Star Wars still hovers in my mind, threatening me with my work being a hideous, unimaginative copy rather than an original response with a helping of homage. I will leave it to you, the reader, to tell me how much either of those is actually the case while I will try to faithfully find the story. I know that it’s in there somewhere, and if I can just uncover it, it will shine.

Comments, criticisms, suggestions and encouragement very much appreciated, as always.


Falling Into the Black Chapter 1

Falling Into the Black Chapter 2


2 thoughts on “Falling Into the Black Writer’s Thoughts

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