Firedrake Redeemed Index

About the Novel: Firedrake Redeemed is a space opera set in the year 2400 AD in a universe very much like ours, but not quite. Among the various elements you’ll find in it are spaceship battles, space marines, mecha, conquering aliens, demons, pirates, slavers, terrible crimes, miracles, animal companions, music, poetry and food. Lots of food. And yes, all those elements fit together. Somehow.



Longing: A poem of Arturo Kusanagi

Chapter 0 (Prelude): In which a young woman learns the truth about heroes. (Writer’s Thoughts on this Chapter)

Chapter 1: In which a captain practices the impossible art of sneaking in a void.

Chapter 2: In which a soldier faces down old foes for the last time.

Chapter 3: In which a broken man wrestles with ghosts and emptiness.

Chapter 4: In which seven words decide the future of two nations.

Chapter 5: In which an engineer alters the course of history.

Chapter 6: In which a freighter squares off with pirates.

Chapter 7: In which a retiree receives an unwanted visitor.

Chapter 8: In which a warrior nun fights crime… in space.

Chapter 9: In which an eccentric poet cooks a feast for a family of South African starship moguls. (Coming Soon)


6 thoughts on “Firedrake Redeemed Index

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