Firedrake Redeemed Prelude Thoughts

Writing a chapter like this is hard, which is to say that I avoided it for weeks once I knew what it was going to be. For obvious reasons I did not want to craft a bright, loveable person and then write about her terrible, horrifying destruction. But the story demands it, because this kind of thing goes on all over the world right now, today, and if I am to speak an answer to that reality, then that horror must exist in my story.

I hope I have done a good job. A true job, and an honorable job, one that portrays Kaydence’s suffering and the suffering of all the girls like her in a way that demands sympathy, and demands a solution. If I have failed, then please tell me. This is a first draft and I intend to go over everything again with a heavy hand before final publishing. I will give honest criticisms my full attention. If I have offended anyone, I apologize. Please tell me how I can make this chapter less offensive without backing down from the artist’s goal of dealing with the pain and agony of life in a way that brings healing and wholeness.

My goal for this chapter as a writer is to initiate the central, driving, injustice of the story, which the contents of the story itself must then answer, by introducing an engaging character and having that injustice happen to that character. Ant Vicino, I know you’re out there and I know you have written posts on beginnings and writing engaging characters. I would love your advice. To every reader I ask: Did I succeed at my goal? Are you drawn in? If not, do you have suggestions for how I can do this better?


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2 thoughts on “Firedrake Redeemed Prelude Thoughts

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