Guide to My Best Posts

This post is where I keep links to the best stuff I’ve posted so far (in my mind or everybody else’s). It’s also a good place to start reading. Categories you’ll find below are Fiction, Poetry, Rambling, and Photos.

Fiction (novels):

Ember’s Heart: For Ember Rehksskari, a hated dragon and last princess of a fallen kingdom, there are two kinds of place in the world: those where the people will try to kill her, and those where they’ll try harder. Yet, fleeing from the second to the first, she may just find a third.

The kingdom of Salshira has no interest in hosting a dragon, any dragon, especially not one pursued by the Vohrskrain, but Ean Tavarin, crown prince and engineer extraordinaire, has a plan to make a home for this one . . . if he can deal with a best friend who wants all dragons dead, a father looking out for the rest of the kingdom, and a romantic interest he didn’t know he had.

It really shouldn’t be this hard to make one damsel safe!

But if Emperor Vohrskrain has anything to say, none of them will be until Ember is dead.

(Ember’s Heart is now a complete first draft, entirely available for your reading pleasure, mixing fantasy, romance, and steampunk, with a dragon as the main character. Link takes you to the first chapter.)

Fiction (short stories):

Rose Crucifix: Cecilia is not a superhero. Or a supervillain. Or even a cop. She’s just an engineer with crafting powers having a really bad day. At the end of a really bad month. And several really bad years. And pretty soon that day is going to get even worse. But there, at the bottom of the pit, she may finally see the truth that only the brokenhearted can.  (Genre is superhero fiction, but it has a lot more realism than you might expect in a superhero story, and is very character focused.)

Missing OriginSatori Asano has always wanted to know who her father was, but now that she has talents she finally has the power to find out. Still, it will take more than walking through walls and flying to find the answers she seeks. (This is another Superhero story, still realistic and character focused, with a teenage protagonist.)

Nightweb: Fantasy short following a woman who is a monster hunter on a world quite different from our own.


Forgive: If there is one poem on this blog I want more people to read, it is this one, because it defines forgiveness and how to give it.

Feeding the Hungry: This is a short piece about just what it says. The “author”, Arturo Kusanagi, is a fictional character in Firedrake Redeemed.

Bloody Shards: I wrote this years ago. It is perhaps one of the most heavily rhymed and metered pieces I have ever done, and contains a lot of raw emotion.

Labyrinth: This poem is about the darkness inside of people.

The World is Ending: This is a longer, dreamlike poem.

Sheep: This is a poem about sheep that a lot of people liked. I don’t know why. Also, it’s really about sheep. I raise them.

Scales: A short, dark, creepy poem. But people liked it.

Searching for Narnia: A poem about longing for other worlds, and faith.

A Crucible of Children: This was written on a mission trip, with my soul melting down.

All Is Nothing: This is a from-the-depths poem, and a response to the end of Mark Twain’s “The Mysterious Stranger” that I wrote at the end of a faith-trying semester studying his writing. The poem makes sense without having read any of his works.


Questions I Must Answer if I Am to Live: Just what it says, a series of questions from me on how I will live with suffering, and my answers. I have to re-ask and re-answer this to myself on an almost daily basis.

For the Love of English: The humorous musings of an English major on the deficiencies of his mother tongue.

Ducks: Pretty pictures and some musings about ducks. Because… ducks.

Porch Musing: My first rambler. It’s very rambly.

Hitchhiking Butterfly: A rambling post about a butterfly.


Really? I have to pick some of my pretty photos out for you before you’ll look at them? Go click on the photo tab and look at the posts of pretty pictures. They’re all pretty.



This is my favorite.

I was seriously not worthy to take these photos.

Hummingbird Glory

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