Ember’s Heart #38

The motor wasn’t engaging. Everything else on the ballista was in order, but the flywheel motor just wasn’t turning on. Ean grabbed a voltmeter out of the toolkit and started testing the wiring. The needle read nothing. Anywhere. Right. “I think it’s the battery, Tala,” Ean said. Tala stuck her head under the deck of …

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Science for the Sci-Fi Writer

A while back I came across the ultimate all-in-one-place science reference for Science Fiction writers. It’s a site called Atomic Rockets, located at ProjectRho.org and run by a guy named Winchell Chung. It’s essentially a site dedicated to giving writers/game-designers/movie-producers the serious scientific lowdown on living/working/travelling/fighting/anything in space or on another world. On the sliding …

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Ember’s Heart #34 (Second Interlude)

Wings boomed in the sky. General Rhaskin Ankrilus looked up from the red ceramic circle pinning down one corner of the map on his desk. The map showed the mountains forming the southeastern border of Salshira in great detail, but nothing further in than the highest peaks, rendering it effectively useless for his purposes. Hopefully …

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