Other-Author Story Plug

If you’re looking for something else to read, after you’ve finished catching up on all of Ember’s Heart, then go check out the sci-fi serial Sol, over at Robotissmiling.com. Sol is a fun but serious space novel that starts after Earth gets plowed under by aliens. It centers around a husband and wife separated by thousands of light years through their respective “rescues”, giving both their perspectives as they adapt to their situations and try to overcome them. So far the author has two majorly different warring alien races, some mind-bendingly cool tech (sometimes with extra bending), plenty of immersive multi-sense description, and a whole bunch of excellent character writing (always the most important part of any novel). It’s up to nine chapters so far, with more to come, so be sure to leave plenty of encouragement and comments, or even constructive criticism, which he responds quite well to, and spur him on to more writing. (I say all this as a selfish personal request, because I want to see how it ends, and the more people who encourage him, the more likely it is I’ll get to read it all. :-D).

This link will take you straight to the index for Sol, so you have no excuse. As Nike says, “Just do it!”.

One thought on “Other-Author Story Plug

  1. You’re the coolest. Thanks for that lovely and encouraging write up. I’m on the train now, putting the first lines down for chapter 10 and the continuation of Kat’s story. Will take a few weeks, but I’ve got a cross country plane ride coming up which means I’ll get some good writing done.

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