Revenging Angel

The screaming finally stopped. The man was dead. Fayme knew this, but held the arc a few seconds longer, basking in the actinic brilliance of the lightning arching between her outstretched hands and through the dead man’s skull, filling his empty eye sockets with light and washing out everything else in the room.



Iralana Sorrowsea whistled the three-hundred and ninety-second psalm as she inched along the trail where her elven tracker had vanished and looked for any sign of the thing that had taken him. She wasn’t concerned about alerting it. With a nightweb, especially an elder nightweb, it already knew she was there. It was just waiting …

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Ember’s Heart #90 (Postlude)

Emperor Tarshaddus Vohrkskrain stared at the gilded monument in the late afternoon sunlight, marvelling again at how well the sculptors had captured his son Woldmont. The monument stood in the middle of the royal complex, raised over the place that had once been one of the guest rooms for visiting Garagrans… before it burned down …

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