The Unbroken Blade #19 (Aysha)

Nothing. She was nothing, now. In one instant, everything she had ever trained for, worked for, fought for… stripped away. How had it happened? Aysha sought again and again for the answer, looking for the moment she had made a mistake. She had chased the male behind a pillar where he was pinned down, then …

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The Unbroken Blade #18.5

Without control there is no safety; Only the victor has control. There is no lesson of greater importance. There is no ignorance to be chastened more. -Mother, Life Wisdom Continue to Chapter #19 >>> <<< Go back to Chapter #18 Start reading at Chapter #0 This chapter is part of the in-progress serial web novel …

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The Unbroken Blade #18 (Dan)

“If any of you men even touches one of these women, I swear I’ll castrate you myself.” Dan reviewed the ranks of officers and squad leaders, all glowing in their dress whites, high-collared jackets sparkling with rank insignia, shoulders sharp with kring-plate pauldrons, chests shining with ornamental blue breastplates each bearing a stylized flight of …

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