The Unbroken Blade #12.5

“Nine days have passed. The food is gone. More men are in the hospital tent than on the battle line. I think the wound where that commander’s sword struck me is going bad. I’m beginning to think this was folly, coming to the aid of Kerenth against the Hartorin hordes. The Warlords will never send aid to our enemies, and when I fall…

But the sword has not broken. Ten times I have blocked blows right on the edge, and not even a chip.

We will fight. And what Aihay will do, he will do.”

-Excerpt from a letter written by Dereg ArdAnkadia to his son, 372 YL

“The eyes of Aihay search through the land, going left and right looking for those who will follow him, who will believe in him with all their heart, that he may strengthen them.”

-The Prophet Mazek, The Book of Mazek

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This chapter is part of the in-progress serial web novel The Unbroken Blade, intended to be book one in The Shattered Empire trilogy, and features a mix of sci-fi and thematic elements reminiscent of near-future military fiction such as Gasaraki or Isaac Hooke’s Atlas series and sci-fi combat classics such as Mechwarrior/Battletech and Gundam. The story is rich with battle and conflicts of honor and conscience arising around a civil war on the forested world of Dankar, far from our own, but is primarily focused on how the main characters deal with the challenges they face, not their machines or their world. Follow this blog to receive each chapter as soon as it is released. Like and share to give me a shot of encouragement. Full chapter updates on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.


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