The Unbroken Blade #31.5

For the captured soldier, resistance is righteousness.  If he is silent, he is faithful. If he withholds information, he is loyal. If he faces the most severe interrogation and refuses to give in, his action is only commendable. All of his opposition comes from the strength of his moral convictions, and to bring pain and suffering to bear on him in order to force the needed information from him is only to serve as tempters inviting him to sin.

This is not so for the criminal, who stands in opposition to the law and order of his own society for nothing but selfishness. For him, pain is punishment for his wickedness and discipline realigning him with obedience.

It is for his own good.

-Professor Vosel KirJenek, The Ethics of Pain, 1675 YL


“Knowing what some of these people have done… I just want to hear them scream.”

-Gar Rachek ParGossen, Imperial Capital city guard, 1753 YL



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This chapter is part of the in-progress serial web novel The Unbroken Blade, intended to be book one in The Shattered Empire trilogy, and features a mix of sci-fi and thematic elements reminiscent of near-future military fiction such as Gasaraki or Isaac Hooke’s Atlas series and sci-fi combat classics such as Mechwarrior/Battletech and Gundam. The story is rich with battle and conflicts of honor and conscience arising around a civil war on the forested world of Dankar, far from our own, but is primarily focused on how the main characters deal with the challenges they face, not their machines or their world. Follow this blog to receive each chapter as soon as it is released. Like and share to give me a shot of encouragement. Full chapter updates on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.


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