The Unbroken Blade #36.5

The unusually intense magnetic field of colony prospect #1194, combined with veins of naturally conductive minerals running throughout the crust, has produced a number of exciting adaptations in the native biome. To mention just a few, there are trees which use mild electrical current to drive moisture through their vascular system, plants which convert electrical current to sugars, and a shrub that stores electricity and uses it to shock anything which tries to eat it. The high natural magnetism and current also makes for truly spectacular thunderstorms and plays all kinds of havoc with wireless communications.

-Xiel Republic colony scout report on Dankar, circa 1900 Pre-YL


The wind of heaven blows,

And the clouds form upon it,

Sweeping the ocean until the storm runs high.

We watch, and wait,

For the rain that brings life,

And the lightning that brings death,

And praise is on our tongues,

For He who brings all.

-Amsho RirNeltin, Excerpt from Shoreline, 837 YL


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This chapter is part of the in-progress serial web novel The Unbroken Blade, intended to be book one in The Shattered Empire trilogy, and features a mix of sci-fi and thematic elements reminiscent of near-future military fiction such as Gasaraki or Isaac Hooke’s Atlas series and sci-fi combat classics such as Mechwarrior/Battletech and Gundam. The story is rich with battle and conflicts of honor and conscience arising around a civil war on the forested world of Dankar, far from our own, but is primarily focused on how the main characters deal with the challenges they face, not their machines or their world. Follow this blog to receive each chapter as soon as it is released. Like and share to give me a shot of encouragement.

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