Garagran Concept Art for Ember’s Heart

I commissioned a friend to draw up a model sheet as concept art for the Garagrans in Ember's Heart. Chris Doehling, whose professional website can be found HERE, produced this amazing dragon after several back-and-forths. In line with the concept of the Garagrans, she looks like a creature made for battle, with heavy natural armor plating …

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The Unbroken Blade #32 (Zem)

She had problems? Like the Kai-cursed girl-raping death-worshipping barbarian was one to talk! Crazy chasit! “Ardis will kill you! He’ll, he won’t stand for this…” Daymo’s whining grated on her ears, distracting her again from the thoughts whirling in her head. She decided she’d had enough of it. She punched him in the gut so …

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