The Wound, or the Big Lie?

This HERE is an excellent post by Kristen Lamb on the relationship between plot and character in driving a story. It also deals with the necessity of the Wound in character development, laying it out as the thing which warps or determines the beliefs of the character and which, by forcing conflict, will cause the …

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Science for the Sci-Fi Writer

A while back I came across the ultimate all-in-one-place science reference for Science Fiction writers. It’s a site called Atomic Rockets, located at and run by a guy named Winchell Chung. It’s essentially a site dedicated to giving writers/game-designers/movie-producers the serious scientific lowdown on living/working/travelling/fighting/anything in space or on another world. On the sliding …

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Superpower Implications #1: Space Exploration

This post will not be about superheroes. I love them, truly, but I'm a sci fi man at heart and prefer some logic when I write about a world (FTL aside), something that many superheroes seem to flee from when finding sensible applications for their powers. Instead, this post will be about things that would be different in …

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