Revenging Angel

The screaming finally stopped. The man was dead. Fayme knew this, but held the arc a few seconds longer, basking in the actinic brilliance of the lightning arching between her outstretched hands and through the dead man’s skull, filling his empty eye sockets with light and washing out everything else in the room.



Iralana Sorrowsea whistled the three-hundred and ninety-second psalm as she inched along the trail where her elven tracker had vanished and looked for any sign of the thing that had taken him. She wasn’t concerned about alerting it. With a nightweb, especially an elder nightweb, it already knew she was there. It was just waiting …

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Cultural Nugget #2: The Anjasne Exodus

(Excerpted from Anjasne History and Culture, by Pyra Farsky, an anthropologist from the Transcendental Imperium who went native during the first TI Invasion of the Anjasne Federation, circa 2352 AD.) Around the time when the British colonies of North America were fighting the French and Indian War, the Anjasne had a thriving high-technology civilization already making their first …

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Cultural Nugget #1: The Emperor is Everywhere

(Excerpt of Cultural Analysis Circa 2400 AD) One of the stranger phrases used by citizens of the modern Ankadian Empire in making decisions is, “The Emperor is everywhere”. Usually it is invoked by one member of a deciding group when an unjust act is being considered, and its invocation out loud is considered a weighty …

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World 142

“Report on world 142.” “We failed again. Our sims will not be peaceful.” “Guidance?” “We taught them love, but they still robbed each other to buy entertainment analogues.” “Economy rebalance?” “We incentivized work over crime, but the enforcement sims took over the crime themselves.” “Outside stimulation?” “They pulled together for disasters, but went back to …

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