Grace is... Trees waving in wind, Water rushing over rocks, A meal and talk and an hour of peace in the sun, Bills still getting paid. Stories come, And towns die, And I cannot change my lot. But, I can believe that it will always be enough, And that tomorrow the sun will still shine.


The Unbroken Blade #30.5

Without airpower and artillery, the ability to strike behind enemy lines at any time disappeared. This brought siege warfare back to the forefront. While direct fire weapons have advanced in their destructive potential since the times when every major city was walled, there is still little that can quickly break through a concrete wall reinforced …

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The Unbroken Blade #0 (prequote)

“I cannot fight. There is no strength in my arm,” Ankad said. Aihay replied, “Believe in me, and I shall be your strength.” -Excerpt from The Teachings, Book of the Promise. Emphasis added. Continue to Chapter #0 >>> This chapter is part of the in-progress serial web novel The Unbroken Blade, intended to be book …

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The Unbroken Blade #14 (Aysha)

Too easy. Aysha’s sisters rolled over the stumbling Imperials like stormsurge. The first base fell in minutes. The second held up for half-an-hour, but collapsed when Aysha sent Commander Chellris’ hoptanks around to a flanking ridgeline to shoot out their command team, after which the Warsisters washed them away in detail. Why was this so …

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