The Unbroken Blade #6.5

“You shall be a preparer to the people, a man given over to me, to show them my ways. You shall see that they hear my teachings, and shall stand for the weak and against all that is evil. You shall ready them for the day that they know the Name of my sacrifice, and …

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The Unbroken Blade #5.5

“Any challenge to the power of the Emperor must be met with unrelenting force, even if it comes from his own family, for his authority is the foundation of the Empire itself. Mercy is possible for the strong, but peace cannot be had by the weak.” -Emperor Lethik ArdAnkadia, 910 YL, just prior to his …

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World 142

“Report on world 142.” “We failed again. Our sims will not be peaceful.” “Guidance?” “We taught them love, but they still robbed each other to buy entertainment analogues.” “Economy rebalance?” “We incentivized work over crime, but the enforcement sims took over the crime themselves.” “Outside stimulation?” “They pulled together for disasters, but went back to …

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