Ember’s Heart #83

The shadow did not return. But the coils remained, every moment of every day and night. Pressing. Squeezing. Poisoning. Always waiting for Ember to take her eyes off the mountains for just one moment so it could pull her leg a little off course and bring her down. Always. The first day out from the …

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AD 2400: Firedrake Redeemed Prelude (The Beginning)

“My kids want to be pirates. Why is that? They play games where they’re pirates and they go out and rob people. Do they know what I go to work every day to protect them from?” -Commodore Jung Yeong Sung, captain of the Oriental Stellar Republic dreadnought Shennong, to his executive officer. *** Firedrake Redeemed …

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Longing (A poem of Arturo Kusanagi)

The wind whispers sorrow. The Master weeps. My knife slips, unable to find the feast. How long, broken world? How long, wounded stars? How long will man strike man, and despise his sister’s hope? The weak cry out alone. Who shall hear? -Arturo Kusanagi, 2400 (Go to the PRELUDE for Firedrake Redeemed) (Go to the INDEX …

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