Iralana Sorrowsea whistled the three-hundred and ninety-second psalm as she inched along the trail where her elven tracker had vanished and looked for any sign of the thing that had taken him. She wasn’t concerned about alerting it. With a nightweb, especially an elder nightweb, it already knew she was there. It was just waiting …

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Ember’s Heart #89

Ori stalked down the halls, her arms loaded with a white two-layer Salshiran dress and a pair of army boots. She stopped at an intersection in the palace hallways and tapped her soft-shoed foot on the hardwood floor. Not in her workshop. Not in her office. Not in any of the prototyping factories. And not …

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Ember’s Heart #69 Fourth Interlude

“And you are certain, Captain Selkran? Their defenses are gone?” Captain Selkran rustled her soot black wings in quiet satisfaction and nodded. “The Elder Gods were unusually direct, General Ankrilus. They say that the Salshirans’ guardian has abandoned them to us. Their physical defenses remain, but our magics will have free reign.” Incredible. Wondrous. Joyous. …

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