Grace is... Trees waving in wind, Water rushing over rocks, A meal and talk and an hour of peace in the sun, Bills still getting paid. Stories come, And towns die, And I cannot change my lot. But, I can believe that it will always be enough, And that tomorrow the sun will still shine.

The Unbroken Blade #1 (Orlin)

With one last cry of anguish it was done, and innocence was ruined. After a few minutes to recover, Orlin ArdAnkadia left the serving girl crying on his bed. From just a glance at the way her back shook as she wept into one of the pillows, at the shiver of her long, pointed ears, the dark gleam of her mussed hair and the red glow of his handprint on her bronze face, he could tell he’d be back for another helping. But right now he had a call to make. He couldn’t celebrate his election as Emperor all day.