Garagran Concept Art for Ember’s Heart

I commissioned a friend to draw up a model sheet as concept art for the Garagrans in Ember's Heart. Chris Doehling, whose professional website can be found HERE, produced this amazing dragon after several back-and-forths. In line with the concept of the Garagrans, she looks like a creature made for battle, with heavy natural armor plating …

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The Unbroken Blade #28 (Dan)

  “So, there it is. Every time I try to talk about what happened she has something else to do.” Dan fiddled with the crash harness running over his chest as he waited for a response. Brad usually thought about his answers for a while when he was giving out advice. Around Dan sixty freshly …

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Ember’s Heart #90 (Postlude)

Emperor Tarshaddus Vohrkskrain stared at the gilded monument in the late afternoon sunlight, marvelling again at how well the sculptors had captured his son Woldmont. The monument stood in the middle of the royal complex, raised over the place that had once been one of the guest rooms for visiting Garagrans… before it burned down …

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