The Unbroken Blade #24 (Aysha)

Fifty-thousand militia? Aysha wouldn’t have thought there were even a thousand among the civilians willing to stand up and fight. Most of the ones she had met did nothing but cower like the Over-keva or fawn over her like the shopkeepers. This was definitely turning into an interesting discussion. And a women’s combat league among …

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The Unbroken Blade #23 (Dan)

A siren wailed. Outside the repair bay, vehicles whined and anchors thundered. “What is it?” Dan asked. Patalla Irtrinin, a Warsister and the best anchor mechanic on the entire base according to every goldhair Dan had asked, tilted her head and cocked an ear, her blue-tipped ponytail swinging as she did. “Incoming artillery. Level one …

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The Unbroken Blade #18 (Dan)

“If any of you men even touches one of these women, I swear I’ll castrate you myself.” Dan reviewed the ranks of officers and squad leaders, all glowing in their dress whites, high-collared jackets sparkling with rank insignia, shoulders sharp with kring-plate pauldrons, chests shining with ornamental blue breastplates each bearing a stylized flight of …

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