Metaphor/Simile Game #1

So, a certain other blogger (*cough*hbhatnagar*cough*) has convinced me of the merit of short posts for a little fun. Since I also realized I rarely use metaphor or simile in my descriptions, I've decided to run with that and get some practice. The way this works is simple. I write a straightforward description. You figure …

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Longing (A poem of Arturo Kusanagi)

The wind whispers sorrow. The Master weeps. My knife slips, unable to find the feast. How long, broken world? How long, wounded stars? How long will man strike man, and despise his sister’s hope? The weak cry out alone. Who shall hear? -Arturo Kusanagi, 2400 (Go to the PRELUDE for Firedrake Redeemed) (Go to the INDEX …

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