The Unbroken Blade #29 (Rixken)

Where was he? Fuzzy warm darkness surrounded him, filled with the beep of machines and the whisper and gurgle of fans and pumps. He breathed in and the sharp tang of raw brass filled his nose. Along with that scent was the sweet smell of silver, the odd, earthy smell of hydrogen peroxide, the sharp …

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The Unbroken Blade #18 (Dan)

“If any of you men even touches one of these women, I swear I’ll castrate you myself.” Dan reviewed the ranks of officers and squad leaders, all glowing in their dress whites, high-collared jackets sparkling with rank insignia, shoulders sharp with kring-plate pauldrons, chests shining with ornamental blue breastplates each bearing a stylized flight of …

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Ember’s Heart #90 (Postlude)

Emperor Tarshaddus Vohrkskrain stared at the gilded monument in the late afternoon sunlight, marvelling again at how well the sculptors had captured his son Woldmont. The monument stood in the middle of the royal complex, raised over the place that had once been one of the guest rooms for visiting Garagrans… before it burned down …

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