Garagran Concept Art for Ember’s Heart


I commissioned a friend to draw up a model sheet as concept art for the Garagrans in Ember’s Heart. Chris Doehling, whose professional website can be found HERE, produced this amazing dragon after several back-and-forths. In line with the concept of the Garagrans, she looks like a creature made for battle, with heavy natural armor plating covering every part. She also looks like she might actually be able to fly (especially once a Garagran’s ability to warp gravity is added into consideration), with large wings, tail fins for stabilization, and a fan just before the tailblade to help with steering. This art and some other views he did will eventually feed into the cover, as well as being available inside the book once I get the second draft done and shoehorned into a Kindle version. If this art grabs your attention, and you’d like to read about this particular dragon (her name is Ember), then you can read ALL ninety-something chapters of the completed first draft on my blog, starting HERE at Chapter 1.

Here’s another view with a person for scale. Look at that chest armor and those claws:

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